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Not just big brands: Kelly tires - 18 Sep 2019 09:04



Could we, in our overview of second-line brands, not deal with the Kelly brand?

No, we certainly couldn't …

Although Kelly Tires can only be considered a new entry in the European market segment, this brand has a long and ancient history, characterized by tradition and success.

Over 120 years of history, started in Springfield, Ohio, when Edwin Kelly and Arthur Grant decide to found what would become the first tire brand in the United States.

From the first tires of 1894 for carriages and carriages, to car tires, the transition was short and characterized by a passion for evolution.

Good Deal on a Great Tire: a good choice for a great tire is the mission of this company, which has always stood out for the perfect combination of reliability and convenience.

A quality-price ratio that since 1935 has seen the collaboration with the giant GoodYear, which in 1990 acquired the Kelly brand. And it is thanks to this precious collaboration that for several years Kelly tires have been designed and manufactured following the quality standards that distinguish the GoodYear group.

The range of tires offered by the Kelly brand includes tires for cars, motorcycles and trucks, in the winter and summer versions.

In fact, Kelly has developed winter, summer and four-season tires for medium and large vehicles.

In the car segment we find winter tires and summer tires for city cars, medium-sized cars, but also for sedans and sports cars.




Kelly Winter Standar is a tire that perfectly reflects the objective of the company, that is a significant economic saving, without sacrificing the qualitative and technological aspect.

These thermal tires, in fact, allow excellent mileage and perfect driving comfort, guaranteeing fuel savings.

Among the main features and benefits:

- Excellent grip on wet and low temperatures (snow and ice);
- Several notches and slats distinguish a tread with an optimized design, to reduce the risk of aquaplaning;
- Compound consisting of a high percentage of silica.

Kelly Winter Standard is available in the range 13 "14" 15 ".



This winter tire is designed to meet the needs of drivers who are attentive to the balance between efficiency and performance.

Modern tire, Kelly Winter High Performance is able to offer high mileage.

Among its features and benefits:

- Excellent wet performance, thanks also to the new symmetrical directional design;
- A lightened structure that points to the reduction of fuel;
- A significant reduction in the risk of aquaplaning, guaranteed by the presence of large circumferential grooves.

Kelly Winter High Performance is available in the 15 "and 16" range.



Kelly Summer Standard is a summer tire designed for city cars and medium-sized cars.

Once again a perfect synthesis between comfortable driving and therefore quality, and reduced fuel consumption, hence price.

Features and benefits:

- Tread equipped with blocks on the shoulder that are rigid enough to promote stability and handling of the vehicle in all driving conditions;
- High resistance to aquaplaning thanks to the presence of wide lateral grooves on the tread;
- Greater mileage and therefore a homogeneous tread consumption, guaranteed by the optimized arrangement of the blocks.

Kelly Summer Standard is available in the range 13 "14" 15 ".


A modern and highly performing design makes this summer tire the ideal tire for motorists looking for driving comfort stability, mileage. A perfect balance, therefore, between efficiency and performance.

Main features and benefits:

- Excellent wet performance, thanks to the new symmetrical directional design;

- Reduced fuel consumption, obtained through a lightened structure;

- Wide grooves on the entire circumference guarantee protection against the risk of aquaplaning.

Kelly Summer Ultra High Performance is available in the 15 "and 16" range.

These are the proposals offered on the market by Kelly Tires in Italy; a type of product that allows you to choose efficiency at a truly affordable cost.

A good choice for good quality is not only the goal of the Kelly tires but also that of us at Kelly Edge A/S Review that every day we offer tires from the best brands at unbeatable prices. - Comments: 0

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