Welcome to Public and Private Investment Analysis


The intent of this site is to build a place where students in EC 314, Public and Private Investment Analysis, can interact with each other and the course material in a more collaborative way. Eventually this will turn into a replacement for the textbook, saving students plenty of money — but that is expected to take a few years of effort.

Desired Use

As the instructor, I will set up a framework for the course material. Students will be able to fill in details from their understanding of the lecture, reading and other materials they gather from the web, being sure to properly cite non-lecture sources with either in the traditional way for the book, or with links for web sources. Please do not copy and paste text from books or other websites. Editing existing text is also encouraged.

Students are also encouraged to:

  • Write up solutions to quizzes and selected solutions to exam problems
  • Create new exam questions with detailed answers

Getting Started

Stop by the How to Edit Pages link, and the How to pages in general, then have fun in the sandbox to test out your editing skills. Once you feel mildly comfortable try editing some existing pages or creating your own. Visit the Course Outline to see what is there.

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