Midterm 1 Simple Time Shift

Midterm 1 Simple Time Shifting Example

Q: Assuming an interest rate of 10% what is the present worth of the part of an asset that gives you $100 per year for 40 years beginning in year 2?

a) $889.00
b) $977.91
c) $808.19
d) $973.27

Answer : a) $889.00

This problem becomes straightforward once you interpret what type of structure the question is describing. A constant benefit of $100 per year clearly suggests a constant series calculation, but to get the correct answer the proper time shift needs to be applied.
Drawn out the series would look like this;


Ignoring the position of the series on the timeline the present worth of the series can be written in factor notation as;
P(1)= $100(P/A,10%,40)
P(1)=$100* (((1+.1)^40-1)/(.1*(1+.1)^40))

But this is not the present (t=0) value, instead it is the value collected at time t=1;


To get the value at time t=0 it must be shifted one period to the past (N=1).
which is answer a) $889

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