This is from an earlier version of the course. A quiz like this was handed out every day until you passed. It is a drill and kill approach but it works. Be sure to look at the links to the past quizzes and the videos at the bottom of the page.

This is intended to test your ability to use the basic choice criteria under the two basic environments, unconstrained and exclusive choice.

Suggestions for how to pass

Each question is linked to a specific skill.

  1. This question is about calculating internal rate of return. If you miss this review the directions on how to calculate internal rate of return.
  2. This is about using annual worth criteria for repeated purchases. You could be either having trouble calculating annual worth or you could be having trouble with the criteria itself. In either case the annual worth criteria page is what you should review.
  3. This question is about the present worth criteria. Since this is calculated for you there is no need to break out your calculator. Just make sure you know to pick the one with the highest present worth. You can also review the reasons why to fix the concepts.
  4. This is all about that internal rate of return exclusive choice procedure.

You need three of the four questions right for a pass.

Video explanations can be found on this youtube playlist.

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